• Type: HP CP4000BL
  • CPU / node: 4 AMD Opteron 6174 (2,2 GHz, 12 core)
  • Accelerators: 12 Nvidia M2070
  • Memory / node: 132 GB
  • Number of nodes: 50
  • Dedicated storage: 200 TB
  • Linpack performance: 20 Tflop/s


The HP CP4000BL machine, the same type as the already decommissioned Budapest machine, with a theoretical maximum computing capacity of about 20 teraflops, is still in operation. Four 12-core AMD Opteron 6174 processors per node inherited the file system from Pécs in January 2020. Now with a 200TB storage space, providing a renewed operation system and user environment the machine awaits the domestic researchcommunity.