Regarding its architecture, approximately 80% of this capacity is provided by the GPU-accelerated partition, but the system include a separate, purely CPU-based partition, as well as dedicated artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data partitions. The system is equipped with a multi-level storage system of more than 10 petabytes.

This supercomputer utilizes an extremely advanced and energy-efficient technology, and thus has a power demand less than 400 kW despite its huge computing performance.

The machine use an especially environmentally-friendly solution for cooling – the so-called hot water cooling technology –, which enables the reuse of the waste heat generated by the machine, as well as a highly energy-efficient passive cooling.


  • “CPU only” partition
    • 184 nodes, each with a 2 x 64-core AMD EPYC™ 7763 (Milan) CPU and 256 GB RAM (a total of 23552 cores), 200Gb/s Slingshot interconnect
    • Performance: 0,9+ petaflops (Rmax)
  • “Accelerated (GPU)” partition
    • 58 nodes, each with a 1 x 64-core AMD EPYC™ 7763 (Milan) CPU and 256 GB RAM, and 4 x NVIDIA A100 GPUs (a total of 232 GPUs), 2x200Gb/s Slingshot interconnect
    • Performance: 4,6+ petaflops (Rmax)
  • “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” partition
    • 4 nodes (HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 Plus), each with a 2 x 64-core AMD EPYC™ 7763 (Milan) CPU and 512 GB RAM and 8 NVIDIA A100 GPUs (a total of 32 GPUs), 2x200Gb/s Slingshot interconnect
    • Performance: 0,6+ petaflops (Rmax)
  • “Big Data (Data Analytics)” partition
    • 1 node (SMP/NUMA), 16 x 18-core Intel® Xeon® Gold 16 CPU (a total of 288 cores) and 12 TB RAM, 2 TB SSD, 2x200Gb/s Slingshot interconnect
    • Performance: 30 teraflops (Rmax)
  • Storage
    • 3-level integrated data storage with a 400 TB ultrafast storage unit for the workflow area (300 Gbyte/s), 2,4 PB fast storage unit for short-term storage,  and a10 PB long-term archiving system.