The most important mission of the HPC Competence Centre is to promote and support the highly efficient and successful use of our HPC infrastructure. In order to achieve this, one key task of the centre is to provide high-level training opportunities for academic and industrial users. We wish to support the existing and future users of our supercomputers by organising high-quality presentations, workshops and other training events, and by providing training materials.

As a beneficiary of international initiatives and projects, KIFÜ considers it important to enlist and advertise European HPC training opportunities that may be interesting and useful for Hungarian stakeholders.

An overview of the European HPC training programs
The Hungarian HPC Competence Centre has prepared a publication in which the training activities of 8 European competence centres were assessed. We make good use of such international best practices during the formulation of our training concept. Have a look into this publication that is available in both Hungarian and English!

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The Hungarian HPC Competence Centre plans to implement the following short courses:

Workshop Level Scheduling
ORCA (quantum chemistry programme package) workshop Intermediate 2023. június 7.
Uses of computational chemistry Intermediate 2023. június 14.
OpenMP workshop Intermediate 2023. június 28.
Introduction to the use of HPC workshop Beginner 2023. augusztus

Further information will be provided soon.

Previous workshops


Videos, presentations

EuroCC/CASTIEL workshopok képekben / EuroCC/CASTIEL Workshops Movies

A collection of HPC-related presentations and videos is available at the HPC channel of the Videotorium site operated by KIFÜ.

Trainings highlights

The following is a list of selected free training opportunities which we especially recommend to our existing and potential users:

An international inventory of HPC trainings

This collection site presents information about HPC trainings organised by countries participating in the EuroCC project, and other European training opportunities.

PRACE Training Portal

PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) is a joint European supercomputer infrastructure and cooperation program established with support from the European Union, which provides high-level training and education services for the European HPC community. The training portfolio also includes various courses, workshops, seasonal schools, and online courses, and PRACE also helps the development of HPC-related skills and competencies via training materials and repositories.


Through the FutureLearn platform, PRACE regularly organises freely available 4- to 5-week massive open online courses (MOOCs) requiring a


PRACE CodeVault is an open repository containing various high-performance computation code samples.

Training portal

PRACE regularly organises free courses that are open to anyone; these primarily focus on general HPC knowledge and target medium-level and advanced HPC users.