Ministerial visit to the KIFÜ Supercomputer Centre

János Csák the Minister of Culture and Innovation visited Debrecen. After the Senate session of the University of Debrecen, the minister visited the Supercomputer Centre of the Governmental Information Technology Development Agency (KIFÜ). In the "home" of the Komondor supercomputer, which was handed over in January, Dr. Endre Spaller, the president of KIFÜ, greeted János Csák and then with Dr Attila Fekete, the leader of the HPC Competence Centre, presented the country's most powerful computer. The president of KIFÜ informed the minister that the supercomputer is no longer only used by higher education institutions, research centres, academic and governmental actors, but also by innovative SMEs. The use of the infrastructure is constantly expanding, and it is suitable for solving tasks, among others, in the fields of climate research, telecommunications, transport organization and energy. Endre Spaller highlighted that the Komondor is not only the most powerful supercomputer in Hungary, but in a unique way, the waste heat it produces will soon be used to heat the Sports Pool in Debrecen.

After visiting the Centre, János Csák looked around in the Déri Museum and then in the renovated building of the Csokonai Theatre.