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The HPC Competence Center (HPC CC) was established by the Governmental Agency for IT Development in 2020.  It is responsible for promoting the High Performance Computing(HPC) and introducing the HPC infrastructure to potential academic and industrial users. Providing access to supercomputers, and giving user support are among our top priorities. Our experts assess the incoming project applications and manage the appropriate allocation of national HPC capacities, which must be in line with the expected scientific impact of the research to be carried out. In addition, the Competence Center maintains contact with users and international professional partners and represents the Hungarian HPC infrastructure and community in international professional forums.

The mission of the HPC Competence Center is to expand the national HPC community and integrate it into the international ecosystem.

Ministerial visit to the KIFÜ Supercomputer Centre
János Csák the Minister of Culture and Innovation visited Debrecen. After the Senate session of the University of Debrecen, the minister visited the Supercomputer Centre of the Governmental Information Technology Development Agency (KIFÜ).

The Komondor`s performance has increased again

The most powerful supercomputer of our country arrived in Hungary in autumn, was handed over in January this year, and has already bee


What exactly is a supercomputer? I can be telescope microscope particle accelerator simulator time machine

Supercomputers have now become the most universal research tool, applicable to all fields of science.